Making a mask

Making a washable textile mask:

  • What material are they made of? The right material is 100% cotton. Have a good dense cotton fabric! Check towards the light at the window.
  • Where can I find that? In your closet. Shirts, T-shirts, boxer shorts, bedding, kitchen towels and more.
  • How do I get started for him? Wash the selected piece at 60 ° C. If it gets smaller, it's okay. At least it will be denser. Iron by setting it to a cotton temperature (200 C °). One mask will require 2 pieces of 21 cm x 20 cm material and 2 pieces of 20 cm long rubber. We make a two-layer mask. Custom cutting draw included.
  • Since sew?
  1. Household sewing machine.
  2. By hand, using needle and thread.
  • How long will it be?
  1. With sewing machine 10 minutes / piece.
  2. With hand sewing 20 minutes / piece.
  • Why is this good?
  1. Because you wash, disinfect, iron, so you can be sure it's not infected.
  2. You can use it many times, after washing, ironing. Environmentally friendly.
  3. You set a good example in front of others.
  4. You save a doctor.
  • What not to do!
  1. Do not use the mask of others. Can infect.
  2. Do not invert during use!
  3. Don’t let your kids pick up, change other masks. Have your own mask!
  4. Do not wear for more than 4 hours. Then wash and iron.

Save a doctor! It's that simple. Stay home and make a mask! Good job.